You're Nothing You're Everything

by Ancient Filth

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released January 3, 2014




Ancient Filth Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Perpetual States of Misguided Agression
perpetual war
waged on Earth
built on lies
we can’t look away

a war on your consciousness

perpetual states
of misguided aggression
our eternal
mental infection

controls our consciousness

a mind war here
a blood war there
can't just look away
its in our name
think we are the center of the universe
think we have the best intentions
Track Name: Moderate Edge
Our biggest addiction, is to ideas
Your straight line makes you blind
Live your life with no restrictions
No addictions, accept contradictions
fuck control, just let it go

addicted to nothing not ideas
things, people, judgements or fears
hooked on culture is not... not for me

rules and morals don’t dictate me

Moderate Edge, what’s the solution
do it all just don't lose control
labels dictate our identity
never say never never say no
fuck control, just let it go

Let it go!

addicted to ideas and control
just do what you feel in your soul
Be what you are, not what you think you are
why stay in constant struggle with ourselves
Track Name: Forced Fed Freedom
The situation is desperate now.
no one will listen until someone dies
suffering indefinite detention
no life unless you fight

forced fed to break the strike
No right to live no right to die
forced fed cause we don’t care
No right to live no right to die
Track Name: Acknowledge
first world comforts
from the death of others


theres blood on our hands
no mater what we do
it effects somebody else

theres blood on your hands
should we point the blame?
we need to understand

theres blood on my hands
there is a price to pay
for living day to day
we don’t see it here
but they feel it there
people die for us
to live the way we do
theres blood on your hands
our technology
food and industry have a price

a consequence which squeezes blood
takes lives of the less privileged
exploiting others without a thought

of the pain and toil
of the workers in the mines
the slave farmers
the sweatshop factories
the ecosystems destroyed
villages polluted
wars in the name of profit
natural resources pillaged
lands ravaged and conquered
lies for lives in the name of greed

remember why we live
we got to remember why they die

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