S​/​T EP

by Ancient Filth

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released January 4, 2012




Ancient Filth Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Too Young, Fuck Adults
To young to feel this old
Pressure, no fucking reward
Embrace the chains, just fitting in, accepting the social rules
I can’t do that, not today, not going to dress up, I won’t behave
Won’t stop, not listening to you
Fuck the standard; don’t fit in, too much time, not enough life
Where’s it spent? Where’s it go? Trivial Pursuits
Resist at first, then you fall in,
change for someone, play the sick game
To fucking young, can’t enjoy it, something’s wrong
Won’t play the game. I guess I’m boring. I lost my faith in humanity
Too fucking young to work away the best of your days
Working away till the last, with nothing to show for it
At this age everything confirms my thoughts of youth
We’re living in a violent slave society and I don’t want a part
The strangle hold of this life is starting into a reality
One I’m not ready for; I’ll be a kid forever against society
Too young, no rules, no morals, no obligations. I’m not gonna play.
They’re pushing me to be old; I’m in the fight to stay
Fuck the trivial pursuits, I have no interest in the game
As I get older, I feel my friends slipping away
They are fitting in, making it happen, growing up
But I don’t want to play, not their way
Too fucking young, too fucking young, fuck adults
Track Name: Fore Fathers for the Apocalypse
The rulers of today are the same as the past
The fore fathers made the constitution
That keeps everybody in their class
Just widening the gap
You say: “America used to be great“
But it was always about control
Built on the poor’s death and bone
The most perfect system to be in control
The few rich have the control
The illusion of freedom, that’s control
Manufactured history, lies for control
History written by the upper class
Don’t believe those robbers
The fore fathers
For the apocalypse
This sick society’s full of shit
No humanity!
How quick are we to forget
And accept the bullshit history
Written and spun by the rich
Distorted lies for control
Ignorance is bliss
Ignorance harbors evil
Thanks fore fathers for the apocalypse
Track Name: Punx are Norms
Punx are norms We are part of the problem Try to thinks there’s a difference between us and them Just same social group structure Just assimilation Another costume game mask not much different from the norms Another bullshit subculture It’s an institution it’s not your friend Like mainstream culture We follow and try to fit in and judge the other side everyone thinks it’s someone else’s self can’t blame ourself just following again conforming where is the threat????? Punx are norms No place for dialogue no room for discussion we are the same but They want us Fighting each other we are playing into their games and structures we fit the part You know the enemy But you know they got us how they want us to be Drunk rage and that gang mentality it’s not fighting the system It’s fighting ourselves punk is dead if you’re content and there’s no threat and we engage In the same petty games and judgments And if we don’t realize that we live in prison then we’ll never ever ever will get out and if we don’t move on and we don’t realize that we are in prison then you’ll never get out
Track Name: Pushed to the Limit
You would do the same
Pushed to your limit
Pushed to your limit
How much pressure can you take?
How can you say you wouldn’t do the same?
How much could you handle?
Pushed around, tortured, occupied
Weight on your back
How much in until you fucking crack?
Sooner than later you will fucking crack
High moral ground or false superiority?
Imperialist doctrine
How much could you handle?
You would do the same
You would do the same
Track Name: Macho Man Savage
Macho man savage
Eat what you can
Hide what you can’t
Burry your fears
Confront everything, face nothing
Eating up your own insides, dissolving
Build your walls around nothing, but fear
You can’t hide from yourself for long
Just an animal
Become the structure you hate
You hate yourself
Becoming the structure you hate
Track Name: Ancient Filth
We’re all the same just a human brain Ancient filth common consciousness Understand to connect Project into another’s head See what they reflect Know that feeling Same shit it’s all the same Direct Connect common brain Mutate transform fused forward We’re all the same open your brain Break the cranial wall common consciousness False prophets false hopes believe in freedom another god same illusion We’re all the same just a human brain nothing but matter Everything’s the same it’s all matter nothing fucking matters Dirt is you you are dirt We survive on people’s death One day a new age One day we could be saved Or is it just too late One way to connect Should you change to fit in Should you change to find love Change for a job a friend a lifestyle Should you change for a dollar It doesn’t matter to me should I make it Fake it out of place the hole keeps getting bigger False prophets false hopes believe in freedom A chance in hell another god same illusion We’re all the same we all have pain all feel distain Just a human brain nothing but matter Everything is matter nothing fucking matters You are Dirt dirt is you ancient filth We survive on people’s death Beautiful chaos no beginning no end The cycle spins all recycled again It’s all illusion, it’s just a human brain Grave eyes materialize lost the prize despise realize how many tries haven’t lost but given up swallowed and sucked buried alive submerged and sunk treasure lost behind grave eyes

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